Monday, March 30, 2009

Stuff My Kids Gave Me and Other Spiritual Practices

Stuff My Kids Gave Me This Morning, 3/31/09

In a post on Spiritual Practices for Hope in Uncertain Time, Magpie Girl talks about walking in the dark, about riding out the wave in writing and about breathing true things. All beautiful practices. Go there to hear what she has to say. At the end of her post, she asked a question. "What spiritual practices do you have to nurture hope in times of uncertainty? "

That got me to thinking about what I do when money is tight and there isn't any on the horizon, and the only thing that keeps you going is hope. You've just got to believe. How do you keep the faith? Now, I'm not religious, although I know people turn to religion for that hope. Me, I have to turn to the little things. The beautiful things, the point of it all.

That's what this blog is supposed to be about. Little things. Inspiration. Cheap and/or free things, so I thought this is the place for me to share a little bit of what I've learned, not just the cool things I see on the web while going about.

So these are the things I have done in uncertain times.

I have kept a list of at least three things a day that made me happy. Sometimes it was tough to make my quota, Sometimes my happy file floweth over.

I have taken a picture a day. Often many more than one. There are beautiful things out there if you look for them. They turn up everywhere.

Lately I am starting to draw a sketch from life once a day… or maybe not even once, maybe just every once in a while. When you pay attention to the line of a grape stem, you start seeing the wonder all around you. I think it also helps to take up a project so you feel like you are growing as a person and being productive, even if other things aren't going so well. It could be the photography or it could be learning to play guitar or cooking vegan, or growing a window garden.

Also, my kids keep giving me stuff they find, rocks, berries, twigs… I think I’d like to collect these things somehow, a record of them. Perhaps a photo of them, laid out on a piece of paper. (Oh, hey, it's already done! Inspired by this post, and this post. See, this blog really is my inspiration file. Just stick around and see what else I create based on what I find here. :)

Also, have picnics. Take walks. Window shop. Stop and listen when someone is playing music in a public place. Sing. Dance. Spin with a child. People watch. Go barefoot. Have long heartfelt conversations. Have sex. Stand in the rain… take advantage of all the free sensual and spiritual pleasures in life.

Life is still good, even when it sucks.

Keep the conversation going. What are the things you do to keep hope in tough times?


village mama said...

Followed you here from Amy's place.

Lovely post this one, found gifts from our children mesmerize me. I'm also an emotional mess when they scribble hard on a crumpled piece of paper, crumple it some more, fold it or crush it into a ball and say 'mama this is for you, guess what it is. aaahhhh.

I appreciate how you share and capture loveliness.

D'Arcy said...

This is lovely. And timely for me. Wouldn't you know that write after I post a blog about happiness and how wonderful everything is then something major falls apart? I felt a little hopeless last nigh. I'm alone in this house and the noises outside were rough sounding and there have been some violent crimes in my last night I took out my sage stick (which I haven't ever used yet, only heard about), lit it so that it smoked a bit and gave my house a blessing. I blessed all who entered to feel love and peace and happiness and that all darkness and fear be left outside my haven. Once I was done, I instantly feel asleep (I'd been trying to fall asleep for an hour before).

Kim said...

This is the first time I've come across your blog, but I feel like it's a place I'm going to want to come often. Everything you said here resonates with me. I also cherish the small things in life...taking walks, watching a bee gather pollen, the way dogs breathe in the air with a smile on their face, a good hug, laughing so hard I cry. All of these seemingly insignificant things are what make life so special if I allow myself to be there and take notice. And when I am present for these things, it feels like there is nothing but happiness in the world.