Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gorgeous Clutches from Red Ruby Rose

How beautiful is this purse? I could really imagine it in place of a bouquet as a bride walks down the aisle, maybe with a corsage on her wrist. A beautiful white peony on a teal silk ribbon.The thing that really knocks me out about this purse is the pop of teal inside. Loving this color scheme. Totally makes me willing to change the colors I was thinking about.Link
However, I also have a soft spot for Lotuses. So I like this one, too. It has a rose colored lining. I'm not as thrilled with pink and green color scheme. Hmm.LinkLinkMaybe this one? Rosa the Romantic? I wonder how that would look with a teal interior? Although, now that I think about it, with the flower on the purse, I wouldn't want to do the corsage.

Any way you cut it, RedRubyRose has some awesome clutches in her etsy shop.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Dress: 365 Ways. You Go Girl.

Wow. Loving what this girl is doing. I adore this outfit in it's punk/poet chic, but she is wearing this same dress everyday for a year and documenting her outfits. It's called the Uniform Project and you can find it here.I like this romantic one.

And this sexy tough one. I guess I like layered clothes and muted colors. She wears it as a mini sometimes, but I'm almost 40 and I'm kind of done with minis. I'll leave that to the kicky young girls and get me some leggings and long skirts to layer with.

Even better. I just read here that this project is both an exercise in sustainable fashion, with all the accessories being vintage or donated, and a fundraiser for uniforms for Indian school children. What a cool woman.

I want seven of these dresses, by the way.

found via secret notebooks hidden pages

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Backyard Living

Wow. Backyard tent, found at Design Inspiration Planet Stencil Library. This one is stenciled. That's pretty awesome although I would probably never do that. But seriously. AWE. SOME.

This would be great for a backyard wedding, or any party, or an afternoon reading poetry and lounging around, or a play house for the kids, or a romantic brunch... or a romantic night *wink wink*. So many possible options.

Maya*made has a simpler, more temporary tutorial for a summer pavilion for a similar feeling with smaller commitment and expense and trouble. I loves me some maya.

Here's a site to buy your own tent... if the thought of constructing your own intimidates you.

Found Via The Haystack Needle and Frolic.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Dreamiest of Dream Studios

Talk about a dream studio. I have been wishing for this baby for a long time. If you think this is impressive, mosy on over to Sarah Lechner's slide show and take a look at the whole thing. Right now, I might be satisfied with a bag of paints and a couple of corners wherever I am in the house, but someday I would love something like this. So I could paint and write and hold workshops and meetings and shows. Sigh.