Friday, June 25, 2010

Some of Lisa's Favorite Things Are My Favorite Things, Too

Look what you can do with wine crates! I really like them. They remind me of old barns mixed with built ins, mixed with boards/bricks, mixed with barrister bookcases.

I do not know if I will ever be over this fixation I have with wine crates.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beautiful Bedroom

Originally uploaded by designspongeshop
I love the way this bedroom looks. So simple, yet romantic. But not too romantic. Not fussy. I wonder what are the elements of this I love. The blue is pretty, but I won't be painting my walls blue. I did have a large blue painting in mind though. And I have the lightweight white curtains.

I don't have the fancy sparkle-town bedspread, but I could probably find somewhere else to put sparkle. Where else is there to add sparkle. My duvet is a waffle knit cream, so the texture works... but sparkle? Err. A lamp? Grr. No. A mirror tiled box might work. Or maybe just a throw. Maybe with a little Indian flavor?

And I love the raw wood element in those crates serving as bedside tables. I do love those and have been on them for a while. Now I need to figure out where to get old wine crates. Any ideas?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Leah Giberson and her Pretty Trailer Painting

Land Yacht (three)

I love this painting/print by Leah Giberson. It's for sale in the Tiny Showcase and 250$ of her sales there will be donated towards the Gulf Restoration. Love also the rest of her work here on etsy.

I wonder where I would put this print if I were to buy it. Hmm...

Oooh. I bought it. That's too exciting.

Now we can have a print of one of these dreamy trailers, even if we don't have the actual trailer yet.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Rustic Type Bench for Books and Lots of Stuff

Found this picture on Automatism, via Hus & Hem.

What I like here most is the rustic bench. I love those various boxes and containers underneath it for storage, and the piles of books on top.

Add that together with the feminine little granny chair, the masculine leather poof (can a poof be masculine?) and the gathered frames on the white wall... well I just like it.

Love the vintagey, gathered, rustic, utility look of it. It says, "I like what I like and I just don't give a damn about what you're 'supposed' to do." And that kind of attitude always exudes style to me.