Monday, August 24, 2009

Double Outstanding!

First this awesome art installation/camper for one on a deavy duty tricycle, found on Inhabitat,
then the awesome painting by it's owner Boston based Kevin Cyr. Loving. And check out his truck paintings, too.
I don't know why I've been loving campers and airstreams lately, but I have. Actually I always have. I'm a nester at heart, and sometimes I wish I could travel with my home right there with me.
If I had this camper, I could put my groceries away before I left the grocery store!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cute Kids Rooms and Musings on My Weird Style

I love this kid's room. It's by Sussie Bell and I found it via Brown Button. I showed it to my daughter and asked her if she liked it. She didn't seem to know what I was talking about. LOL

There's what I get for trying to push my tastes onto a two year old.

But I'm sure when it comes time to decorate her room, she will very happily ask for this flower or that dolly or that thing in pink and when I make a banner with the alphabet or a pillow out of a felted sweater, I'm sure she will enjoy it all.

Of course, that is all assuming that I'm going to manage any crafting and decorating instead of just lusting for things I found on the internet.

But on the plus side, I'm really getting to understand what I like and what elements create that.

I love the eclectic white rooms with pops of color... but I don't like them too white or too shabby chic. Now this is a great, girlie room, for a girl, but in general, I would want something a little more modern and a little more bohemian. I'm discovering I really like white draped furniture, but I like it to have a citified edge to it's funky, thrift store vibe. And that means I like white walls and old furniture, graphic elements, a little bit of black, bolder patterns, worn surfaces, old wood, odd color combos, interesting collections, a few modern clean lines, a smattering of industrial and lots of books.

I will be looking for more inspiration, and someday soon... stuff.

I'm looking forward to it.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sandra Juto's Done it Again

How adorable is this little bedside crate/shelf/table? I know, I know, certainly not high fashion, right? There's no name brand designer or high concept style.... except I love it. Love love.

The warm wood with it's worn use-pattern of circles from long gone bottles. The drapey tendrils of plant in the pretty planter, with it's sparkle. The personality laden weird little doodad. The botanical pod, echoing the shape of the circle pattern. The box spring on the floor, the journals, even the radiator in the background.

Love. This is one of Sandra Juto's favorite things, and I found it on Holly Becker's Decor8 blog.

I do believe Sandra Juto is the one who made that inspiring afghan. That I'm still having trouble posting. Hey, you can go see it on the Sandra Juto's favorite things link.
To tell you the truth, it's one of the reasons why I'm not posting that much lately. I'm having a tech idiot moment with my new computer and have not managed to figure out how to cut and paste photos from the internet. What the heck?
So it might be a little skimpy around here until I work out an acceptable method. Wish me luck.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wouldn't this be wonderful in your house?

How awesome would it be to have this typeface deer head mounted in your living room. The graphic quality of the print and the majestic, natural quality of the deer combine to make it a cheeky and conceptual statement, which is at the same time down to earth. Me love.
And if I have figured out how to post pictures from the web to my blog, again, I might just be able to start posting here again. My computer died, you see, and now I have to learn the new system.
I think I got this. I've been trying to post this for a couple of days. Yay me. But I'd like a better shortcut. I will keep figuring out.
In the meantime, lets thank this wonderful etsy seller, ruby's lounge, for her inventive creation.
Oh dear. I just realized this seller is Jennifer Koshbin. I've seen her art around for a while. She's wonderful. Check her out.