Thursday, June 25, 2009

So Pretty I Like to Pretend I Could Make One

(update: she moved).
Speaking of crochet, I LOVE this, from Smosch. I want to make it. Theoretically, I know how it's done. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was about seven, and these squares are within my technical ability. It's just a matter of looking up the pattern on Martha Stewart, getting the supplies, and actually doing it.

When I was a child, we had an afghan like this hanging on our wall. It was set in a black background though, and used 60s type color schemes. Maybe earlier, since my mom told me that some great aunt or other type of great had done it. Maybe I will do a white or cream one with all my favorite colors... rose, teal, pale turquoise, creamy yellow, rich brown, cranberry, a little orange, spring green, some black... in other words... something that looks just like this.

Oh, here. Granny Squares. Another tutorial, just in case.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Backyard Cottage/Shed Studio: The Dream

Oh, yes!

I want one now. I have been dreaming about having a studio in the back yard... a shed or cottage or even a airstream trailer. Having the little table outside for picnics or art projects would make it even dreamier. And I think I need some galoshes in a splashy color, too.

But how cute is this little cottage? I could have a little comfy day bed or sofa for resting, napping, reading, reclining. A great place to write my great American novel. A great place to paint daily paintings. A great place to escape and watch my So You Think You Can Dance in a girl retreat. Because you know the guy doesn't want to. And I will have a tv there, too. I know it's lame, but it helps me relax and it helps me paint, and I have come to recognize that and accept it. TV is in my life to stay.

Now all I need is a backyard retreat in which to enjoy it all.

Thanks to my new friend curious+covetous for the find and the cool link

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We Interrupt this Summer to Bring You Some Fall Fashion Dreams

Loving the blue sapphire beret by LazyTCrochet.

I think it's a function of being in Florida and having no end in sight to the oppressive heat. It's making me long for cool falls in the Northeast. Sweaters and hats and scarves. Boots. Tights.

Cotton sundresses and tank tops can only take you so far before you yearn for a little dressing up.

I'd like to wear this beret with a cute cropped jacket and an Aline skirt. in neutral colors... maybe a black and white striped skinny knit top beneath the jacket. Oh and heeled boots. I've been in Florida chasing toddlers for too long. I long for grown up things like heeled boots and lipstick.

Oh, maybe this instead of the cropped jacket... or would crochet on crochet be over-crochet? How bout we switch the crocheted beret out for a tweed newsboy cap?

Okay. Back to your regularly scheduled flip flops and popsicles.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What I Want Is a Magical Tee Pee Tent

Living etc.
photo by Regression by Claire L. Evans

Have seen some wonderful tee pee play tents via The Haystack Needle.

My son hates to sleep in a bed. He always ends up sleeping on the floor. We laid out some mats and sleeping bags, and he still ends up in front of the door. Lately, we brought his sister's play house into the room, and set up a half of the play house with sleeping bags and comforters and pillows... one for each of them. But I still dream of a wonderful tee pee retreat for him... posssibly one for her too, although I don't know if she's sleep in one.

Then I started searching and realized, those buggers are expensive. I don't see me buying a 300$ play tent in the near future. I also found some instruction in how to make your own, pages of instructions. Ai ai ai. I am not a seamstress.

Then I found this Camp Creek blog entry, years old. A no sew tee pee made of bamboo and an old duvet cover. That's my kind of project! Give them some love... project based learning from a homeschooling perspective. I see authentic art lessons, too... worth more exploration. Did I ever tell you that I was a project based, art integrating progressive High School teacher?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


OH how beautiful! Found on Bee House Hives. It makes me want to paint a picture in pale yellow, ochre and silver, echoing bee hive shapes.

And not just beautiful, but so interesting. Learning about bees and hives. I will admit that I have the city girl fantasy of having a farm and raising my own animals and picking fruit from the trees and making everything with my own two hands. This blog sure makes me want to do what she does.

via the lovely Karen Blue Bee

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Casual Garden Wedding Ideas

I know I haven't posted lately. With the upheaval of nap time and the new projects and the reduced computer time and some other big stressors, I have neglected this blog sadly. The new stress is a moving plan. Nothing is one hundred percent right now, but we're pretty sure that we'll be moving to Northern California by Autumn.

So such a big shift in location has my whole brain turning around. I haven't been thinking about weddings... but I saw this wedding on Once Wed and thought I couldn't lose this bit of inspiration. I love the casual feel of this seating arrangement. The intimate party. Relaxation. String of lights. Mismatched garden furniture.
I also love this table arrangement. Mason jars and candles and herb pots and garden/wildflowers. Yeah, baby. I've actually thought about collecting mason jars and vintage jars and jelly glasses for drinking. I mean, what's more down to earth, insouciant and romantic than drinking sangria out of a mason jar? Cava out of a jelly glass?

Found via Paper n Stitch