Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We Interrupt this Summer to Bring You Some Fall Fashion Dreams

Loving the blue sapphire beret by LazyTCrochet.

I think it's a function of being in Florida and having no end in sight to the oppressive heat. It's making me long for cool falls in the Northeast. Sweaters and hats and scarves. Boots. Tights.

Cotton sundresses and tank tops can only take you so far before you yearn for a little dressing up.

I'd like to wear this beret with a cute cropped jacket and an Aline skirt. in neutral colors... maybe a black and white striped skinny knit top beneath the jacket. Oh and heeled boots. I've been in Florida chasing toddlers for too long. I long for grown up things like heeled boots and lipstick.

Oh, maybe this instead of the cropped jacket... or would crochet on crochet be over-crochet? How bout we switch the crocheted beret out for a tweed newsboy cap?

Okay. Back to your regularly scheduled flip flops and popsicles.

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