Thursday, September 30, 2010

Do You Think I Could Repurpose a LARGE Man's Sweater Into This???

I want this sweater. Or I want something like it. I probably won't be buying it, because another sweater is not in my budget... but I wonder if I could make something like it. For those with bigger budgets, you can go straight to uniqlo and get one yourself. I think I like the gray.

A Chic Living Room, With DIY Hints

I kind of love Joanna's living room, designed by Jenny of Little Green Notebook. Also here. And don't forget her nursery. Check out that amazing window treatment.

I love how homey and down to earth it is, while also being chic. I could put my feet up here and watch tv, or let my 3 year old have a tea party and sleep over with her stuffed animals.

I like Jenny's idea about balancing the warm and cool colors in a room, which I'd never actually thought about. Also the details that I would never think to pay attention to in my own room.
I also love how she takes old, thrifted or hand me down furniture and slaps a coat of paint on it to make it into something new and stylish.

Of course, Jenny actually knows how to do that right, in fact, she shows us how. Did you know the torn veneer can be fixed with wood filler, a putty knife and a sander?

Thanks for the hints, Jenny. And perhaps this will give me the nerve to turn my old peeling veneer white dresser into a chic teal blue accent for my living room.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Paper Chains from maya*made

Maya*made is always a great source for inspiration for me. She is so creative and very talented in coming up with new things to do with old materials.

Here she's made paper chain/paper dolls out of the old standard-- newspapers!
I am particularly enamored of this one. I love these acorns. Such a festive Autumnal banner. I think I'd like to try some of this with my kids.

We've spent the last couple of years in Florida, so missed out on real Fall. It's kind of fun to watch the season tumble down around us. Some banners and maybe even some mobiles might be an interesting project.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Make Me Some Granola Bars, Please

I love alisa burke's blog, and I'm subscribed to her, enjoying her inspiration on a daily basis.

However, I really want to make these granola bars (without nuts so I can send them in my son's lunch despite the no nut classroom). I don't want to forget them, so I'm putting them here.

Plus, I realize I need to post here more often. I have a million things starred in my googlereader. Things that I love and covet and am inspired by. And I'm not posting any of them here, which is what I am supposed to be doing. Maybe I have too much inspiration and get overwhelmed with it all. But I think I am starting again, because it is a good thing to do to see all these wonderful things and share them with the world.