Monday, March 22, 2010

Fantastical Carnival-like Wedding. I Wish Eunice Was My Friend

Eunice and Daniel's wedding. So many lovely things about this wedding, found at Martha Stewart via Hello!Lucky , but I think this idea of having a procession/parade leading from the ceremony to the reception with the wedding guests carrying these giant shadow puppets is just a magical idea.

Other ideas that are lovely?
Parasols for the sun
Eco Confetti
Signature Cocktails (I have my own pomegranate punch that I created many years ago)
Coffee Filter Poofs and crepe paper flowers
Dessert Bar
Treats and Candies in little bags
The vaguely vintage carnival atmosphere with lots of fun things for kids or kids of all ages
Her gorgeous handmade dress
The striped sailor shirts for the waiters
Paper crowns

Lovely all around.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I Want to Try THESE Cookies

What could be better than the classic Toll House Cookie Recipe? It's always been my favorite... except for those chewy, crispy thin cookies they sold at the cafe when I was in college. Those were even better.

So when I saw the America's Test Kitchen recipe, (found on Oh Happy Day) pointing out the difference between Toll House cookies and their own recipe... aimed at making a chewier, crispier cookie, I said, STOP THE PRESSES!

That is a cookie recipe I want to try.

I like to cook. I like to experiment with flavors and combinations... but I am not a baker. Baking always seems like a science to me, while cooking is more like an art. I'm always afraid of mixing the flour too much or over baking or putting in baking soda instead of baking powder.

So I really liked the comparison recipe... showing that melting butter makes less cakey brownies than creaming it, and browning the butter adds to that yummy caramel like flavor. My mouth is already starting to water. And the eggs... fewer eggs mean chewier cookies! So that's how you do it...

I'm going to go get my oven ready.