Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tissue Paper Banner

I found this bunting banner over at The Artful Parent, and thought how I'd love to try that.

I am a paper person. Anything one can make with paper, well, it attracts me, and I believe I can do it myself.

I've been attracted lately to buntings and banners like this. They seem so festive and add a wonderful hint of color to plain rooms. I've got some plain rooms right now, so I'm liking it. I think the paper cuts would be good in my room above the bed, and maybe some other type for the kids room. I think I like the pennant shaped ones for them, better.

Plus I like papercutting. Remember Maya*made's newspaper snowflakes from Christmas? That's right, paper, decor and repurposing all in one. Woo hoo.

Granted, I'm no Elsa Mora, (although she did mention maybe teaching paper cutting at next years Squam and that's a class I'd like to take) but I still love the wonder of snip snip snip and unfold to beauty.

Life's a lot like that. You snip snip snip away at it and when you unfold it after you're done, it makes sense.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I haven't mentioned this before, perhaps because I have so little time for crafting, but I love Crafty Crow. She collects such wonderful ideas for kids projects. Learning and crafts and arts and reading and holidays. So many wonderful ideas. I am a total lurker on her site. Today though she's giving away a gorgeous book, An Awesome Book! by Dallas Clayton, and I can never resist books. Especially ones with great illustrations. Plus my boy adores monsters of all types. Probably because he's part monster himself.

What? Don't look at me like that. He didn't get it from MY side. ahem.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Will Start Planning for their Big Kid Bedroom Now

I think this is the cutest boy/girl bedroom I am in love with it. It's in the February Domino and the whole house is pretty darn craveable. Who knew Mark Ruffalo was married to a bohemian Jewelry designer named Sunshine.

I'd love to have G and Ivy have something like this. Infact, the beds are by Jenny Lind, which is the exact crib I got for them. One of the cheapest on the market, and really one of my favorites anywhere. I loved the white painted spool spindle style. Retro and simple with a little detail.

I've also been loving the white walls I'm seeing lately. White with pops of color.

I would have a hard time not painting the walls blue or lavender or coral or something, but I do still love the look.

Gosh, Domino is my favorite.