Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Will Start Planning for their Big Kid Bedroom Now

I think this is the cutest boy/girl bedroom I am in love with it. It's in the February Domino and the whole house is pretty darn craveable. Who knew Mark Ruffalo was married to a bohemian Jewelry designer named Sunshine.

I'd love to have G and Ivy have something like this. Infact, the beds are by Jenny Lind, which is the exact crib I got for them. One of the cheapest on the market, and really one of my favorites anywhere. I loved the white painted spool spindle style. Retro and simple with a little detail.

I've also been loving the white walls I'm seeing lately. White with pops of color.

I would have a hard time not painting the walls blue or lavender or coral or something, but I do still love the look.

Gosh, Domino is my favorite.

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