Friday, August 21, 2009

Sandra Juto's Done it Again

How adorable is this little bedside crate/shelf/table? I know, I know, certainly not high fashion, right? There's no name brand designer or high concept style.... except I love it. Love love.

The warm wood with it's worn use-pattern of circles from long gone bottles. The drapey tendrils of plant in the pretty planter, with it's sparkle. The personality laden weird little doodad. The botanical pod, echoing the shape of the circle pattern. The box spring on the floor, the journals, even the radiator in the background.

Love. This is one of Sandra Juto's favorite things, and I found it on Holly Becker's Decor8 blog.

I do believe Sandra Juto is the one who made that inspiring afghan. That I'm still having trouble posting. Hey, you can go see it on the Sandra Juto's favorite things link.
To tell you the truth, it's one of the reasons why I'm not posting that much lately. I'm having a tech idiot moment with my new computer and have not managed to figure out how to cut and paste photos from the internet. What the heck?
So it might be a little skimpy around here until I work out an acceptable method. Wish me luck.


Missa said...

Awesome! I love it too!

Also, we have one of those plants. It was given to us as a cutting and they are so cool, definitely one of my favorite house plants. The leaves are shaped like little mottled gray/green hearts. I wish I could remember what they're called.

Missa said...

... String of Hearts! That's what they're called :)

Trang Huyền said...

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