Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pretty Laundry Fantasies

A fabulous give away on Grosgrain. I love this dress, and think it would be just the thing to indulge my inner pretty dress lover. Don't you love that it's in a laundromat? She also has it with knee high riding boots. I have some old leather boots I'd definitely see pairing with it, though I'd probably wear it with leggings, a tank and ballet slippers, what with my little children always wanting me to blow bubbles and carry them up the stairs and sit on the floor with them.

I'm starting to dream fashiony dreams again. Starting to imagine new outfits... out of old clothes in new combinations, or with one or two new additions.

Hey! I just realized, the girl in the picture has almost my exact hair.

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Missa said...

Oh lovely dress, I just entered! I commented on her blog also that I was just at an old laundromat last weekend (our washer and dryer have been disconnected for remodeling) and the whole time I was there I kept thinking what a great backdrop it would make for a fashion shoot!

Regarding your comment, I think you are right about the contrasting being important for that light flowy look. I also think that thick chunky sweater dresses can look great over jeans too though.

P.S. I really love your blog, adding you to my blogroll :)