Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hi! This is Me.

After I cobbled together a dohickey made out of a cereal box so that I could take my through the viewfinder pictures on thisthe Duraflex II I got at a great estate sale a few months ago.

It's a lot less pretty now that it's got cardboard duct taped to it, but it works better for taking fun photo shots.

Hey, now that I look at it, some kid of mine has lost the knob on the crank. Grrr.

But I'm impressed with the picture I took. So, I guess I don't need the crank. I don't even think the camera works in its original state.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

cool shot--not sure what you did, but cool.

I did a box camera project in college, but the results weren't that great.

Rowena said...

I use my digital point and shoot through the viewfinder of the antique camera. Point the old camera, take a picture of/through the viewfinder. Mess with it in an editing program.

Kim said...

very cool...i would love to find one of brings so much character to the pictures...just posted a TTV shot on my blog actually, but it was done with Photoshop and someone's blank TTV from Flickr. Still fun though!