Saturday, March 14, 2009

Garden by Mae Bruncken



I want to go to there.

Actually, I am blessed to have a garden that looks like it was carved out of a jungle, so I could do this. Switch the plastic chairs out for wicker (wicker? in steamy, rainy Florida...uh, yeah, that won't work.)

Nestle a bench and cushions and coffee table in a nook off the winding pathways.

My best interpretation (in my head) of this, would be to hang little glass candle holders from the trees.

Hm. How to keep the rain out of them? I guess they would need little roofs. Okay, not as quick and cheap a transformation as I thought. No little mason jars on wire hangers.

But still doable. I'll just put it on the end of my long To Do list.

Now, I can't open up Mae Brunken's site on my ancient computer, so you'll just have to go through Decorated Life's blog. That's okay, she's real cool. I'm sure she won't mind you traipsing through her rooms.


writer said...

i can see myself sitting there with a glass of white wine and a cheese platter:)
awesome. thanks for sharing.

Rowena said...

will you leave one of your post its and bring light to the garden? What would it say?

jess gonacha said...

i want to live there. WOW. so so pretty.

writer said...

rowena, the post-it note would probably say 'Take it easy'.