Monday, December 1, 2008

No No No No

No. I mean, really, just too stunning for words. Fiona Watson created these beautiful still life books called an Unwritten Book. Via dear ada


ina drawin' said...

so funny to click from your 'saying yes' warrior post to this 'no' post!

i made a book i named 'unbound confine' for an alumni art show several years ago. this book reminds me of it, though so much more delicate. i will try to photograph the pages and put them on my blog. in a weird synchronicity, since it there were years between my book and my blog, my blog is unbound confine.

in today's dance of the artist and mama, the artist is leading!


Rowena said...


Totally coincidental.

I didn't even notice that one was yes and one was no. Even if it was "no" like "Bad" when it means good.