Tuesday, February 10, 2009

White and Pink? Not usually my thing. But I love it.

Would this image be as cool if it weren't in a 20 foot tall room? If it didn't have that neato worn cement floor or those awesome double doors and that amazing brick ceiling?

I'll tell ya what I like. I like the raspberry couch and the teal next to it. I like the green door coffee table, and the round pottery. I like the ladder turned into shelves and the guitar in the corner. I like the rough edges and the white walls. Again, it reminds me of being a kid in the 70's, growing up a rainbow baby. Ah, the hippie days.

By the way, this is from sfgirlbybay's ode to pink from her Deco files. There's also this one. I could totally see creating a room for my little girl out of something like this. It also makes me want to start collecting striped sheets. I remember a very similar striped sheet from when I was a child, although I believe it was gold and yellow. There was another sheet in green and blue. Am I going on a nostalgia kick, brought on by the loss of Domino?Then there's this one. This is totally not my style, way too formal and girly, but it stopped me in my tracks. I do love the deep rose of that velvet couch, and the black and white peacock painting took my breath away. Something about it reminded me of that scandalous Madame X painting by John Singer Sargent. And the white walls are nice. So is that immense secretary desk.


K @ Blog Goggles said...

These rooms are all gorgeous - I especially love the tall ceilings! I would kill for heights like that.

Rowena said...

Good point, K. You could probably replace the pink with green or blue and I would love it just as much. Or a nice hazy lilac... I do love the shadowy purples.

They are all airy and light.

The question is, how to fake that air and light in a room that is not 12 feet tall with french doors.

Mother of the Bride Outfits said...

The pictures look great and I'd definitely think it nice in someone elses house, but a pink sofa and me shall never be!
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