Monday, February 16, 2009

In Which the Author is Revealed as a Reality TV Junkie

Uh uh. I just found Elyse Sewell's live journal. If you are a pop junkie like me, you will remember her as the girl that should have won America's Next Top Model... I do believe season one. Season ONE? So long ago?

Now she's a bonafide model, living the life in Asia. I guess she gave up on the idea of going to medical school.

I just spent half my morning reading her blog. I found it funny, if a little snarky, but that's the voice I remember from yesterboobtube. It's also kind of interesting seeing the cultures she encounters. I think she's lately in Shanghai.

This isn't really about design or living small or being heartfelt, but I is who I is, and I watch a lot of tv. A little bit of living vicariously isn't a bad thing. Keeps me from spending money. Plus I get the feeling that modeling isn't as glamorous as it appears on the surface, which is true of most things.

ANTM is one of my favorite reality shows, after So You Think You Can Dance. Which I swoon over. I can't wait until it starts again.


D'Arcy said...

While she doesn't look small and heartfelt, I thought the girl on the left sure did. What an awesome photo. I would TOTALLY get addicted to her blog. I've got so much to do today....but I might just have to pop over!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I also love her blog. It's pretty hilarious.

Ivan said...

her blog is interesting to read. but she is a tad bit odd. =P