Friday, February 13, 2009

Lena Corwin Wedding

I love this wedding here. It looks so laid back and casual. And yet, the style is evident. That's really what I'm looking for. Despite already having kids and having been together for about 5 years--- actually, not despite, BECAUSE of this, I want to have a wedding that really reflects us and our lives. I am too old and have already been through too much to want that princess thing, or even that "best" day of your life that is "all about you."

In this picture, I think her dress is adorable. I like that he's just in a suit that shows his character. I like the little banners fluttering in the breeze and the backyard setting.
Look here. Some rented tables and linens. A refreshment table in the background that looks like it holds a bowl of punch or sangria? I like. Fairy lights in the trees. Maybe some people think fairy lights are corny, but I don't care, I still like them. I would keep a Christmas tree up year round for the lights if they didn't drop needles everywhere and take up half the room.I like the lounge chairs here, and the blankets set out for picnic resting. There's nothing more casual than really getting close to the ground. And laying in the grass, staring at the sky and the trees waving in the breeze is one of those experiences that serves to renew me.
This is a cute idea, too... to set up a little photo shoot for everyone. Fine, it's not the tres cool photo booth, but I don't think one of those is in my budget. I like the patterned background though. And you could have different backgrounds, too. Plus, I always carry my little Casio Exilim camera with me wherever I go, so the snappity snap of a point and shoot is part of who I am. Have I mentioned that I plan to take pictures throughout my whole wedding? Bad idea? I may not want to take pictured, may be too busy, but I do love to take pictures.

Other elements that would need to be there? Things to entertain kids... I'm thinking bubbles, crayons, balloons. Some good jazz music. Easy to eat foods... I'm thinking Spanish tapas, sangria, paella.

Sometimes I don't like to talk about my wedding plans, because it's kind of far down on our list of priorities, but when we do decide on a day/place/time, I have a feeling it's going to happen pretty quickly. I'm not really interested in a long drawn out planning process. I am certainly not interested in the wedding industry. So I might as well think about it, plan it in my head, decide what I'd like, and then, all those decisions will be made when it's time to actually go about it. This isn't a situation that would work for your traditional bride, I think. But I'm not traditional, so... lucky for me.

And it's no coincidence that this wedding belongs to the super talented, uber stylish Lena Corwin. Found via Smitten, by Joanna Goddard.


Sara E. Cotner said...

Wow! It's lovely. [insert sigh of contentment]

D'Arcy said...

I want to be invited to this wedding. So perfectly you.

Rowena said...

Isn't it nice? I am in an odd position of not being technically engaged, but having it be understood. So I get to fart around without pressure and just dream.

It makes me so glad to dream intimate with these things, not princess meringue.

D'Arcy said...

keep dreaming. sometimes I think about it too and I don't subscribe to the princess motif at all.

classic, reasonable, elegance.

sometimes, though, i wonder if I even want the day. I mean, I TOTALLY want the day, just don't know if I want the life that follows it.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Absolutely....I completely agree. What a beautiful wedding and I bet, so much fun to attend! Thank you for visiting over on ML today, it was lovely to have you there! Your blog is lovely...