Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some Inspiration to Thrift

Just found a whole bunch of inspirations over on sfgirlbybay as she mourns the loss of Domino. If the website was going to be around, I would have just saved it to my decofile, but alas, alas, alas... I guess I'll just have to do my collecting here.

Love this living room. The white and the brights and the books. Oh I love a room with books. No room really feels finished to me without some books, somewhere.

I am planning to do a lot of decorating soon, as we get a new place, probably a cozy cottage with lots of light and an fenced in back yard for the kiddoes to romp, if I have my druthers.

But since we got rid of almost all of our furnishings, leaving only our library and art and clothes (pretty much) it all has to be done by scratch.

That's kind of exciting, actually. I am looking forward to the hunt. I promise to post about it here. This is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. In anticipation of decorating a house.

But don't think that I'm going to be about linking to thousand dollar chairs and ten thousand dollar light fixtures. I won't-- unless I found a way to hack the style from discards found in the alley and yard sale discoveries that get covered with a coat of glossy blue paint. I'm more likely to show cool rooms that I take as inspiration and photos from my estate sale excursions.

I'm drooling just thinking about it. Hey. Here's a preview. I photographed this on my last jaunt (a long time ago.)
It's a little well loved, but I thought the colors and pattern were beautiful. I ended up giving this to my mom to buy, and it lives in her blue and yellow kitchen, now.

I only had 24 dollars that trip and got a lot of lovely things, but there were things I left behind because we don't always NEED the things that attract our attention. I found it was fun to have a little photo safari, taking photos instead of purchasing. Just like on the savannah... take a picture of that elephant, don't shoot it.

I'm getting my jones on for the thrifting again. Actually, it's a good idea to keep a small budget like that for impulse shopping, because it would be so easy to just snap it all up. At 24 dollars, you have enough to get things you really love, but not enough to be impulsive and start collecting crap again. It took me 5 years to get rid of the detritus. I vow to not collect stuff I don't really love or really need, ever again. Of course, I do mourn some of my loved items that I had to let go of, but that just leaves room for new loves, doesn't it?

For the room above, I will be on the look out for a heavy textured large bedspread, cotton, so it can be tossed in the washer (two toddlers, remember?) a shapely chair, a poof or ottoman (or stack of pillows, which might fit my needs best, honestly), a sinuous lamp, a bright red oriental rug, just a simple coffee table (I miss the mid century modern one we left behind), oh, and a nice cabinet... or a crappy one with good lines that could take a pop of colorful paint. The shelves just look like ones from the hardware store, absolutely nothing fancy.

The toughest thing to find on that list in my experience with thrifting? The rug. I must keep a sharp, hunter's eye out.


marta said...

Your comment about books reminded me of something I read the other day. Research suggests that having a home filled with books has a greater impact on a child than being read to.

This is true even if the child in the house crammed with books isn't read to all that much.

So go fill those shelves!

Rowena said...

That is such a good point. As I look back on my history with books, I can see not only my memory of being red to before bed (I finally have my blue fairy book back) but also being surrounded with books. I remember books in shelves. I remember my OWN books in shelves. Whenever I go to baby showers, I always give books.

And right now, I have plenty of books (so happy to have my library back) but no shelves to put them in.

I'm kind of enjoying the look of books stacked everywhere, though.

Sara said...

Love that room.

I had to give away a LOT of my books (still mourning) for space issues (we're still apartment dwellers), but I made sure to keep all my nicer books. The paperbacks can always be purchased again if I want to read them again.

Rowena said...

It's actually nice to get rid of books. I probably got rid of half of my books, although it took me five years to do it. I got rid of all the books I thought I "should" read, but wouldn't, and all the books I wouldn't read again, and just kept the ones I really loved and used. Even the crap historical romance from when I was a teen, because I like it when I'm feeling blue.

I'm always trying to balance between the collecting jones and the zen simplicity of letting things go.